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Escorted study tours with a personal touch - Master Travel has over 20 years’ experience organising medical, educational and veterinary study tours worldwide, enabling people to see first-hand how their profession or specialisation is practised in different cultures and societies.

As part of a large healthcare and education publishing group, we have unique access to a network of professional institutions worldwide, making our tours truly unique. From experiencing Veterinary Practice in India, witnessing Secondary Education in China to learning about Traditional Medicine in Mexico, our tours offer a chance to discover your field in some of the most captivating countries around the world.

With groups limited to 20 participants, you will be part of a personal tour, developing life-long friendships with kindred spirits and professional colleagues.  As well as seeing your proffession first hand, our tours offer the chance to explore the countries' sights and places of interest, whether it's seeing the lemur's of Madagascar in their natural habitat or marvelling at the majestic mountains of the Himalayas.

As well as our professional trips, we also offer a range of cultural tours worldwide for those interested in experiencing our destinations from a purely cultural perspective, offering the chance to immserse yourself in the sights, culture and sounds of many a magical country. Each of our trips offers an experience like no other, from immersing yourself in Bedouin life in Jordan to riding through the picturesque landscapes of Iceland on horsback. With our range of tours, there truly is a trip for any traveller, and if there's not, we can tailor one for you with our Bespoke Tours. 

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What people say about us:

What a wonderful introduction to a completely different culture... Zhang was amazing... His pride in China and willingness to share his knowledge and experience added greatly to our enjoyment of the trip.

Ruth Thompson, Health Visitor

The trip to China was a holiday of a lifetime. It was a totally unforgettable experience, the friendships I made and the places we visited are memories I will always treasure. The tour guide Zhang became our friend and he was utterly fantastic at his job. I would recommend this trip to anyone!

Connor Murray, Midwife- Midwifery in China

I had a wonderful time; it really was the holiday of a lifetime from my point of view. Through our access to the health care system and our excellent guide Zhang we had a view of Chinese life which is just not available to other tourists

Elizabeth Reilly, Dentist- Dental Practice in China

The professional visits were excellent. Very worthwhile. I enjoyed the variety of hotels, modes of transport and the River Mekong trip was superb

Amy Hill, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

The tour leader was excellent, cool, professional and patient

R.Rees, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

Excellently organised tour, such high standards in hotels, so much good Chinese food and good travelling companions

David and Florence Clow, Paediatrician and Retired Nurse- Paediatrics and Child Health in China

The comfort & enjoyment of the holiday was due entirely to the well organised trip, which resulted in safe, stress free and stimulating experience. An immense thank you for Harry’s hard work, knowledge and up-grade.

Wendy Farrer, Tibet, Shangri La and Yunnan

The trip to China was all I expected and more. It was well organised and I felt safe at all times. It was a good mix of professional and cultural visits and with Zhang (national guide) and the other guides I felt I learnt a lot.

Laura Frye , Retired Midwife- Midwifery in China

This trip was absolutely brilliant and variety occurred throughout the holiday. There is no other holiday company that lives up to this. It is like a good bottle of wine that gets better with each holiday.

Gill North, Journey Along the Mekong

An amazing trip; well organised and a very good introduction to such a large country and the dental visits were also very interesting. Zhang was brilliant. We could not have done as much as we did without him

Julia Austin, Dentist- Dental Practice in China

The tour of Mental Health in China was a fabulous experience and one I will cherish. The organisation prior to the trip and once in China was superb.

Susan Heffernan, Forensic Social Worker- Mental Health in China

So many different experiences, variety of venues and activities – a truly memorable series of experiences. Excellent camaraderie amongst the group.

Jenny Drinkwater, Peru and Bolivia

A fantastic trip - I would recommend it to anyone. The guide Zhang was a fountain of knowledge and very patient ansering all of our endless questions. We were presented with a wonderful range of experience many of which you would never have been able to see as a tourist. For me the highlights were to Great Wall, the cycle in Yangshuo and the school visits

Helen Chalmers, Education in China

I was stunned by the beauty of the scenery and overwhelmed by the generosity and hospitality of the people. My best Master Travel holiday ever (out of 6!).

Sue Kerr, Ladakh

An excellent insight into Chinese culture and medicine. Zhang was a mine of incredible information and good fun too.

Marie Shuter, Nursing in China

A wonderful opportunity to understand more about China through visits and contact with other health professionals – gave such an insight into the country and it’s health service.

Carole Stephenson, Retired Nurse- Nursing in China

This was the trip of a lifetime. Zhang our tour leader was amazing, a font of knowledge! He did an awesome job leading us around his native country and we were looked after brilliantly. I will always treasure this experience and have learnt so much, I would recommend it to anyone. Fabulous country, visits, people and new friends, lovely!

Cath Busby, Occupational Therapist- Occupational Therapy in China

The tour was so well organised that we were utterly spoilt, with a good mix of professional and cultural visits. A very busy itinerary but we never felt rushed. One of the very best holidays ever.

Katrina and Herman Klaasen, Radiographer and Radiologist - Medicine in China

The choice of destinations was perfect – the places we visited were so iconic that the entire two weeks felt like a dream. All the hotels were first class, the modes of transport efficient (even the bikes) and the restaurants ideal for those who have reservations about ‘overseas food

Nick Stolls, Dentist- Dental Study tour to China

Standing in Barkhor Square watching the pilgrims making their clockwise way around the Jokhang Temple, many of them repeatedly prostrating themselves as they went, prayer wheels whirling and rosary beads clicking, the whole scene suffused by juniper smoke from the massive incense burners, I was overcome by the feeling of the timelessness of the scene before me and the devotion on the faces of the pilgrims

Mike Townend, Tour Leader in Tibet

Finally got round to thanking you for a spendidly run trip which both of us enjoyed immensely. The group gelled well too and we thought Hector (local guide) and Max (local driver) worked well together. The guiding was great and touched on things with the right amount of gravitas.

Patrick and Alice Joyce, Costa Rica

I found the trip very enjoyable. Zhang made the trip – his expertise and attention to details made this a holiday of a lifetime. Found the length of the trip just right – there was the right mix of cultural and professional visits.

Cathy Bradbury , Staff Nurse- Nursing in China

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip – excellent organisation with everything running smoothly. We saw so much in the time available

Jane Halle, GP- Medicine in China

Zhang (the local guide) was an excellent guide. His knowledge of China and of English culture was exampling. His sense of humour entertained us. A most excellent trip.

Peter Neil and Liz Fellows, Retired Dentist - Dental Practice in China

"It was a fascinating trip, full of contrasts from the beautiful orange coloured land, the lush green of the rice fields and the bright colours of the chameleons... It was an amazing trip of a lifetime and we were able to help in a small way with our small gifts of medical supplies to clinics."

Lorna Murray, Retired Education Officer- Madagascar

A group of 10 professionals was a perfect number for communication and relations and sharing meals!

Lorna Jackson, Primary School Headteacher- Education in China

Being part of a Master Travel tour is like entering another time dimension. So much is achieved in a short time, yet there is no feeling of being on a conveyor belt. We were not just tourists, we were part of a group of friends being led by knowledgeable and engaging tour leaders. We were shown things that others never see and it was an immense privilege.

Judy Pellatt, Clinical Trials Practitioner- Medicine in China

The penultimate visit to a school in Taby provided many ideas and examples of good practice to take home. The first visit to an 'out in all weathers' preschool was also great.

James Garden & Anna Walker, Bespoke Early Year Education in Finland and Sweden

An intimate insight into everyday life of the people, animals and places visited on an exceptional tour – intelligently led by Harry and Dinesh – a truly brilliant experience which exceeded my expectations.

Jane Lloyd, Secrets of South India

Torres del Paine amazing and unexpected...Easter Island fascinating

Peter Duffus, Argentina, Chile & Easter Island

A wonderful opportunity to experience a remote and incredibly beautiful country before it become over exposed to tourism and other cultures

Jan Beeton, Ladakh

This brilliant trip revealed an entirely different China from the Medicine in China tour. Fascinating and awe-inspiring.

Andrew Askey, Tibet and Yunnan

This was the trip of a lifetime! It surpassed all my hopes and expectations. The organisation was perfect, with sensitivity for the group’s interests. Zhang, our Chinese guide, is a national treasure. His love for his country is infectious and his knowledge, communication skills, optimism and sense of humour bowled me over!

Lenneke Janssens , Practice Nurse- Nursing in China

Although I am not a dentist I took part in the dental visits and enjoyed it very much. The visits were well thought out, time for questioning. I very much enjoyed the acupuncture visit and was able to ask some questions.

Krystyna Czapla, Doctor - Dental Practic in China

Great choice of guides enhanced the experience. Overall a wonderful trip

Murdoch Shirreffs, Argentina, Chile and Easter Island

A wonderful trip with a cohort of very knowledgeable and informative guides led by Harry and Zhang with unbridled enthusiasm and humour.

Pam & Graham Digby Rogers, Tibet and Yunnan

Zhang was top notch! Great company, very knowledgeable and easy to speak to...he made the two weeks so great!

Phil Hynan, Primary School Teacher- Education in China

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour with the varying cultures, scenery, and cities. We were looked after totally and had excellent drivers – always on time.

Annette C Stoker, Silk Road

The whole sojourn was extraordinarily good as was the group. I most thoroughly enjoyed all the visits we made.

Jane Duggleby, Ladakh

It was an excellent holiday and it was good to see such attractive places, still not spoilt by the industry

Jill Burleigh, Remote China

Very interesting professional visits especially to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) units, the pharmacy in Beijing and the Chinese Medicine market in Xian.

Don Montgomery, Psychiatrist- Medicine in China

Overall this was an excellent trip. A lot was packed in, which suited us, with the ability to opt out if wanted – so flexible. Zhang is an outstanding guide, who gave us a marvellous insight into his country’s history and culture. It was clear that the seemingly effortless organisation was the result of a lot of experience and hard work.

Kate Powell, Dermatologist - Medicine in China

A great trip I am unlikely to forget... would love to go again with you!

Simon Egerton, Nursery Manager- Early Years Education in China

A holiday of contrasts from the hot, humid plains of Delhi and Agra to the clear air and barren beauty of the snow-topped Himalayas. Ladakh is another world, still unspoilt.

Shirley Wilks, Ladakh

Excellent - Very attentive and informative guide facilitating an extremely enjoyable and educational holiday

Jo McLaughlin and Ian Clegg, Consultant Psychiatrist and Partner

The tour was extremely well organised, with a good balance between the medical visits and the tourist sights. Everything went well, perfectly

Robert Clow, Retired- Paediatrics and Child Health in China

The vibrancy of the people we met and the contrasts between cultures was simply marvellous.

Gabrielle Quirke, Silk Road

A wonderful trip of a lifetime I had expectations for trip and they exceeded. Many thanks to Harry and the guides for all their hard work and organisation

Bob Haworth, Tibet and Yunnan

Our guide was fantastic. His selection of restaurants was excellent.

Michelle Hooper, Headteacher- Education in China

Zhang was an excellent guide and helped the smooth running of the tour. I really enjoyed the two weeks, thank you, it was great

Louis Grindrod, Primary School Teacher- Education in China

I found the trip so well organised and informative. In such as short space of time we saw so much and it never felt rushed. It met and exceeded my expectations on every level. Definite trip of a lifetime

Tessa Van Der Vord, Midwife- Midwifery in China

An outstanding trip which will stay in the memory for a long time. Harry was excellent in his organisation and leadership – and company

Julie Trueman, Secrets of South India

The visit to Dr Krai and the Siem Reap Childrens Hospital were excellent

John Rees, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

An action packed programme with excellent guides. The Istanbul extension was excellent – the guide was knowledgeable and very helpful – the hotel was lovely and the food delicious.

Lenneke Janssens, The Silk Road

Best trip yet. We loved the tents ans driving into the countryside. We saw so many animals and being close to the elephant's and the lion's walking past the jeep are memories I will treasure for ever.

Julia Austin, Traditional Medicine and Society in Botswana

A great way to start the New Year. To see and hear a 360 degrees fireworks from the top of the hill was great. The tour was well organised and ably led by Harry as usual. The food was wonderful and the scenery was spectacular.

Julia Austin, New Year in Iceland

Overall I would have to say that this was a life changing trip. We saw so much. It was a privilege to be allowed to see Chinese people in the hospital environment. Our guides and their knowledge were fantastic. The tour exceeded all expectations and I am sure there is nothing like it elsewhere.

Tom Stenhouse, GP- Medicine in China

A well organised, remarkably comprehensive trip which we very much enjoyed

Stewart and Christine Benzie, Argentina, Chile and Easter Island

A 'fantastic fortnight'! Thoroughly enjoyed every moment, informative, exciting and beguiling. I would love to return.

Ken Barlow, Mental Health Nurse- Mental Health in China

The tour guides made all the difference, they were sensitive to the wishes of the group and enthusiastic about the love of their countries.

Gabrielle Quirke, Silk Road

An excellent introduction to Southern India and its mosaic of friendly people, colourful saris, wonderful food and ever-changing landscapes. It was all the little extras that made the holiday so special – the trip to the school at Kovalum, through the back lanes, was exactly as I imagined rural India to be

Shirley Wilks, Secrets of South India

A great trip, the best holiday we have ever had. Zhang, our Chinese guide, was brilliant

Martin Powell, GP- Medicine in China

The trip was excellent in all aspects – I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and don’t have any ideas on how it could be improved – MONEY WELL SPENT

Rachel Errington, Occupational Therapist- Occupational Therapy in China

This was an exciting adventure – not to be missed.

Hugh Bray, Peru and Bolivia

Fascinating insight into this diverse and unique country -highly recommend the trip.

Mark Sherry, Costa Rica

Diego was an excellent guide - one of the very best I have met. I loved walking in the park and would have done more of this if I could- looking for these beatiuful butterflies and birds including the elusive resplendent quetzel.

Liz Burroughs, Costa Rica

Zhang (local guide) was excellent - a real asset!

Elemer Szabadi, Professor of Psychiatry- Mental Health in China

The reason we travel with you is that you do go to less visited sites where generally large coach loads do not go.

Alice Bray, Peru and Bolivia

What an eclectic mix of professional visits you chose for us, showing the huge contrast in dental clinics from the Beijing Dental Hospital to the barefoot doctor. Really helped to enhance the holiday

Nick Stolls, Dentist- Dental Practice in China

The trip was well worth the expense; I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was more than I could have wished for. I have unforgettable memories to take away from this exciting trip and will be highly recommending it to others

Lindsay Knight, Staff Nurse

Amazing – fascinating to see the change in people, food and places from east to west.

John Stoker, Silk Road

Zhang is an inspirational guide with an infectious enthusiasm for his country. His energy and honesty gave the group a superb insight into China's past, present and future.

Graham Digby Rogers, Midwifery in China

A wonderful opportunity to understand China through visits and contact with other health professionals – gave such an insight into the country and its health service. Zhang was an exceptional guide; I learnt so much about China with his inspiring tales of his country and his life. He was incredibly organised and efficient and sensitive to all our needs and questions.

Carole Stephenson, Retired Nurse- Nursing tour to China

Exciting exhilarating, exceeded expectations. Top of my list so far! Andes crossing was just fanstastic, i cant recommend the hoilday enough

Sue Kerr, Argentina and Chile

The itinerary was extremely well planned, the hotels were comfortable and very well located, the food was fantastic and all travel arrangements worked like clockwork. We enjoyed meeting the local guides who were enthusiastic and very well informed – they were a credit to their country. We would recommend this trip unreservedly to any professional colleagues. Medicine in China is at a turning point and we were privileged to be able to experience this first hand.

David and Lindsey Shuttleworth, Doctor and Practice manager - Medicine in China

The best trip I have undertaken so far

Leo Stimmler, Traditional Medicine and Society in Botswana

I very much enjoyed the trip as a whole and would recommend it to other psychiatry trainee doctors as well as other mental healthcare professionals to understand more about how psychiatry work in a totally different culture and for a wonderfully educational holiday!

Blake Pritchard, Doctor- Mental Health in China

The special interest of the tour gave the trip an extra dimension. I would not go on another such trip without that added extra, which really helps one to understand the country / area being visited

Roger Alton, Nursing in China Study Tour 2008

All the visits were outstanding. Altogether a great holiday.

Ingrid Blatz, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

Lights, spices and stories from the Sea of Arabia to the Bay of Bengal; a delightful journey.

Mark Allsopp, Secrets of South India

Learnt a lot about the cultural differences between china & uk. It really opened my eyes and was not what I expected. Our tour guide also made it his business to educate us and not just show us the sights which was a help. The organisation was superb and enabled us to look into a very different world to our own.

Mike and Celly Rowe, Retired Businessman and Retired Consultant Psychiatrist- Mental Health in China

This was a really fantastic trip with a great group of people, to two fascinating and beautiful countries. So many ancient sites to see and so many different ways of life to see first hand. It was truly wonderful and uplifting to see such lovely friendly people and to remind ourselves of the horrific time they lived through and the adversity they have overcome. Thank you Master Travel and Harry.

Lorna Murray, Retired Education Officer- Vietnam and Cambodia

All well organised especially the transport to and from the sights – we didn’t spend anytime hanging around, which was excellent...I enjoyed the mix of health care visits, sighseeing and cultural visits

Clare Abley, Nursing in China

The professional visits really showed you a totally different style of midwifery. The right balance of cultural and professional visits. I would recommend this trip to anyone, it was worth every penny. Met some amazing people and learnt so much.

Amy Larcombe, Midwife - Midwifery in China

Fascinating to see the wonderful sights and to be so well informed by excellent guides

Marilyn Mountclare, The Silk Road

I have throughly enjoyed this trip and will be reliving it for the rest of my life

Pauline Doughty, Argentina and Chile

As a lazy nature lover who needs gentle guidance, this has been inspirational for me.

Paddy Gill, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

Excellent visits especially in the national parks...local restaurant and home visit gave real idea of the actual Costa Rican life and the museum was excellent.

Gill North, Costa Rica

A great trip I am unlikely to forget - would love to go again with you

Simon Egerton, Nursery Manager- Early Years Education in China

Zhang is a fantastic guide with a wide ranging knowledge and a great sense of humour. He always did his best to accommodate the groups needs.

Catriona Pares, Teacher- Education in China

Trip was particularly interesting as most visits to China never experience the contacts and awareness of the ethnic minorities. Including Tibet was an added bonus. The Totala Palace is unique in the world and should not be missed. I would thoroughly recommend this tour. I had been to China ten times before this visit, but this was so special.

Chris Farrer, Tibet, Shangri La and Yunnan

It was fun having a lecture on endodontics in Yangshuo in a room above a cafe. Flute player outside, smell of cooking and four young people studying on another table

Anne Atkinson, Dental Surgeon- Dental Practice in China

An excellent insight into Chinese ethnic minority culture

Anne Bell, Remote China

You certainly have a flair for organising such a trip in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

David Francis, Ecuador and the Galapagos

Another wonderful trip and an interesting place with lovely local people and very good food.

Joyce Bassindale, Costa Rica

This was a delightful introduction to Costa Rica, the wildlife walks were excellent - we even saw the resplendent quetzel

Vivien Burgess, Costa Rica

Wow what a great experience, Zhang was brilliant. He tailor made the tour to suit individual need. His experience and knowledge was never ending!. Great mix of professional and cultural visits. Never been on anything so organised & efficient. Thank you!

Beth Harris, Occupational Therapist- Occupational Therapy in China

Safari exceeded my already high expectations plus we managed to fit in a multitude of memorable experiences in a relative's short space of time - thank you !

Jessica Austin, Traditional Medicine and Society in Botswana

A memorable experience in a spectacular environment

Sheila Simpson, Ladakh

We both agree that it is the best holiday we have ever had.

Jane Richards & Dennis Yeates, GP and Finance Director - Medicine in China