Responsible Travel

Master Travel has been in operation for over 25 years and is very much aware of the impact of tourism on the destinations we visit - whether it be, economically, socially or environmentally.  We aim, through a series of responsible tourism practices, to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impacts to ensure the long term sustainability of our destinations and their communities. A number of these practices have been set out below.  


  • As a matter of course, we aim to generate as much revenue for the local population as possible by using local ground operators, local guides and where possible locally owned hotels and restaurants.
  • Over the years we have built up relationships with local businesses and individuals and work directly with them to help support the growth and development of their enterprises.


  • Visits to schools, hospitals and clinics help our clients gain a unique insight into the destinations.  The sensitivities of the culture are often laid bare in the professional visits so we are particularly careful that they are dealt with sensitively.  The experience is about learning, whether it is a discipline or the intricacies of a culture and how that affects the people involved.
  • These visits aim to be a mutually beneficial experience for the visitor and host and we encourage our guests to impart their own knowledge of their particular industry/or culture as well as listen to the thoughts and discussion of the host.


  • Our groups are kept at a maximum of 20 passengers to minimise cultural and environmental impact.
  • We aim to work with ground handlers with a commitment to responsible tourism and who are aware of the issues facing the industry in ever changing environments.
  • On our tours we aim to engage, enlighten and educate our customers about our destinations natural environments and their importance for the long term sustainability of the destination and its communities.