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Guest Blogger: An educational tour of India's nurseries!

In October 2016 a group set off to India to learn more about this vibrant country's early years education system. Read more about their experience here...

Educational Tours Fri 4th, Nov 2016 by Sam Prattey

Guest Blogger: The London Jukebox travels to Colombia with Songlines Music Travel! [Part Two]

Part Two in the description of our September 2016 Songlines Music Travel Tour to Colombia, as told through the eyes of our Guest Blogger Raxa Mehta, founder of The London Jukebox.

Educational Tours Wed 5th, Oct 2016 by Sam Prattey

Guest Blogger: The London Jukebox travels to Colombia with Songlines Music Travel! [Part One]

In September 2016, Master Travel in conjunction with Songlines Magazine hosted a ten day tour to Colombia exploring the best rhythms and beats that this beautiful country had to offer. Here, The London Jukebox kindly tells us of their experiences travelling through Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena.

Cultural Tours Fri 30th, Sep 2016 by Sam Prattey

Entering North Korea with a clear mind…

Find out what happened on our group’s recent trip to North Korea. This mysterious country has both baffled and interested Western society for a number of years and the unique insight into Korean culture was an opportunity greatly treasured by all.

Professional Study Tours Thu 22nd, Sep 2016 by Sam Prattey

Unforgettable memories from Senegal

Two year ago, 6 travelers and music lovers went to the vibrant country of Senegal with Songlines Music Travel. Read the inspiring testimony of Rosalind, who was on the trip!

Sponsorship / Awards Fri 17th, Jun 2016 by Gina Waygood

The Iceland Roundup

Recently our group and harry have arrived home safely from their wonderful trip of a lifetime to Iceland for New Years. The cold did not put them off as they stayed for a week in this magical Scandinavian country. Harry briefly recounts the time they spent there.

Cultural Tours Tue 5th, Jan 2016 by Martha Bradbury

Midwifery in China - the journey is complete!

Our midwives have returned from China and are enjoying some well earned rest - read more about the final part of their trip here.

Educational Tours Fri 4th, Sep 2015 by Kate Wayte

Amazing experiences in Beijing...

They continue on their midwifery journey!

Educational Tours Thu 27th, Aug 2015 by Kate Wayte

The bullet train to Beijing...

Day 3 in China for our group of Midwives - news from Gillian Smith!

Professional Study Tours Thu 27th, Aug 2015 by Kate Wayte

Midwifery in China - the adventure begins!

Read about our group of midwives that are currently in China, finding out how midwifery and obstetrics are practiced there!

Educational Tours Tue 25th, Aug 2015 by Kate Wayte
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