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Early Years Education in Denmark

Dates: 27/05/2017 - 03/06/2017   |   Duration: 8 day(s)

Nursery World, in association with Master Travel, invites all early years professionals to journey with us to the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, where we will visit preschools throughout the city in order to gain a unique insight into the country’s early years practice. Alongside these illuminating professional visits, we will experience the true essence of the Danish capital, from the royal history that spans nine centuries, to the iconic pastel-hued houses of Nyhvn harbour. Against the backdrop of this chic European city, this trip offers the exclusive opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the Danish early years education system. 

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The Danish early years system will come to light through a total of eight preschool visits, ranging from forest and farm preschools, to open-level institutions where the children have the opportunity to choose their own activities and who they interact with. At each establishment we will have the chance to spend time with the children and the staff, gaining a unique insight into the daily activities and the methods practiced.