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Healthcare and Culture in Colombia

Dates: 10/06/2017 - 21/06/2017   |   Duration: 12 day(s)

Master Travel, in association with the British Journal of Hospital Medicine, invites you to a destination that embodies the allure of South America, boasting time-forgotten colonial towns, tangled Amazonian jungles, buzzing cosmopolitan cities, and pristine Caribbean coastlines. Join us as we explore the range of contemporary and traditional healthcare available across this extraordinarily varied landscape. This trip offers the unique opportunity to visit modern, Westernised healthcare establishments as well as indigenous communities practicing time-honoured medicine, whilst not forgetting to delve into Colombia’s cultural treasure-trove along the way.  

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The beating heart of Colombia 

Our first steps on Colombian soil will be in Bogotá, the country’s bustling capital city; a vibrant playground of cosmopolitan cool sitting against the backdrop of the Andean peaks. Journeying south, we will fly to the capital of the Amazonas province, Leticia, a city that sits on the banks of the winding Amazon River at the crossroads of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. We will have the chance to meet the indigenous elders whose knowledge of the healing properties of nature is older than the trees themselves. Walking through the ethnobotanical trail, they will share with us this ancient knowledge that has aided the healthcare of their people for many generations.

We will continue on to Medellín, a city that has emerged shining from a tumultuous past, and on our immersive city tour, we will be taken on the journey of its drastic social transformation. Our tour will end with the charming colonial town of San Basilio de Palenque, near Cartagena, where we will learn about some of the ancient medical practices and plant-based medicines that are still being used to heal Palenque’s people. 

From bustling cities and colonial towns, to the edge of the Amazon jungle, this trip offers an immersive experience of the diversity of this truly beautiful country.