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Traditional and Contemporary Medicine and Culture in Mexico

Dates: 04/03/2017 - 19/03/2017   |   Duration: 16 day(s)

Master Travel, in association with the British Journal of Hospital Medicine, invites you to join us as we journey to the Latin American haven, Mexico. This country offers an endless adventure for the senses, with remnants of bygone civilizations, spicy cuisines and the iconic sounds of Mariachi music.

From Mayan medicines to indigenous hospitals, this trip offers immersive visits to experience the array of healing methods of Mexico, whilst offering trips of a lifetime to the country’s captivating coastlines, jungles and historic wonders

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Medicines of Mexico

Mexico, once home to the Mayan, Aztex and Olmec civilizations, retains pieces of the country’s past in the continuing practice of traditional healing methods. From the Curanderos healers praising the properties of herbs and plants, to the Brujos sorcerers offering spells to dispel ailments, Mexico offers diverse remedies.

During this trip, we will visit places and people that offer these varied treatments whilst exploring some of the most awe-inspiring sights in Mexico. From urban Mexico City to the coastline of Cancun, we will discover majestic pyramids, picturesque national parks and explore Mexican culture on a journey of a lifetime.