About Us

Master Travel has over 20 years’ experience organising medical, educational and veterinary study tours worldwide, enabling people to see first-hand how their profession or specialisation is practised in different cultures and societies.

At Master Travel we are passionate about the places we visit, whether it is a visit to a local school in remote northern India, a barefoot doctor in the Shaaxi Province of China or a deserted Polynesian cove on one of the worlds more isolated pieces of land on earth. We aim for our tours to be truly unique and to help our clients delve one step further into the culture and take them off the beaten track to create an unforgettable holiday and learning experience.

Our ever popular tour leader and Chairman of the Master Travel Club, Harry Field, has been leading our healthcare tours for over 25 years. Harry's infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy, and knowledge of the destinations never fail to impress our travellers. Harry has led our tours all over South America, India, China and the Far East and worldwide.


Master Travel was established over 20 years ago in 1993. Our inaugural tour was a medical study tour to China and this has remained our primary specialisation ever since. However, over time the Master Travel destination portfolio has grown to include countries across South America, Asia and worldwide as well as the introduction of educational study tours incorporating visits to schools and educational institutions in a given destination.

As well as professional visits all of our tours cover the cultural, scenic and historical aspects of the countries, whether it's walking the Great Wall of China or exploring the tranquil backwaters of Kerala. We also have a range of worldwide cultural study tours for those interested in experiencing our destinations from a purely cultural perspective.

We are part of the Mark Allen Group, a large healthcare and education publishing group whose contacts allow us to have unique access to a network of professional institutions worldwide which make our tours truly unique.