"A great way to start the New Year. To see and hear a 360 degrees fireworks from the top of the hill was great. The tour was well organised and ably led by Harry as usual. The food was wonderful and the scenery was spectacular."

Julia Austin - New Year in Iceland  

"A great trip I am unlikely to forget... would love to go again with you!"

Simon Egerton, Nursery Manager – Early Years Education in China

"Overall this was an excellent trip. A lot was packed in, which suited us, with the ability to opt out if wanted – so flexible. Zhang is an outstanding guide, who gave us a marvellous insight into his country’s history and culture. It was clear that the seemingly effortless organisation was the result of a lot of experience and hard work."

Kate Powell, Dermatologist – Medicine in China

"We both agree that it is the best holiday we have ever had."

Jane Richards & Dennis Yeates, GP and Finance Director – Medicine in China

"This was the trip of a lifetime! It surpassed all my hopes and expectations. The organisation was perfect, with sensitivity for the group’s interests. Zhang, our Chinese guide, is a national treasure. His love for his country is infectious and his knowledge, communication skills, optimism and sense of humour bowled me over!"

Lenneke Janssens, Practice Nurse – Nursing in China

"Being part of a Master Travel tour is like entering another time dimension. So much is achieved in a short time, yet there is no feeling of being on a conveyor belt. We were not just tourists, we were part of a group of friends being led by knowledgeable and engaging tour leaders. We were shown things that others never see and it was an immense privilege."

Judy Pellatt, Clinical Trials Practitioner – Medicine in China

"A great trip, the best holiday we have ever had. Zhang, our Chinese guide, was brilliant."

Martin Powell, GP – Medicine in China

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip – excellent organisation with everything running smoothly. We saw so much in the time available."

Jane Halle, GP – Medicine in China

"The tour was so well organised that we were utterly spoilt, with a good mix of professional and cultural visits. A very busy itinerary but we never felt rushed. One of the very best holidays ever."

Katrina and Herman Klaasen, Radiographer and Radiologist – Medicine in China

"Overall I would have to say that this was a life changing trip. We saw so much. It was a privilege to be allowed to see Chinese people in the hospital environment. Our guides and their knowledge were fantastic. The tour exceeded all expectations and I am sure there is nothing like it elsewhere."

Tom Stenhouse, GP – Medicine in China

"A wonderful opportunity to understand more about China through visits and contact with other health professionals – gave such an insight into the country and it’s health service."

Carole Stephenson, Retired Nurse – Nursing in China

"I found the trip very enjoyable. Zhang made the trip – his expertise and attention to details made this a holiday of a lifetime. Found the length of the trip just right – there was the right mix of cultural and professional visits."

Cathy Bradbury, Staff Nurse – Nursing in China

"What a wonderful introduction to a completely different culture... Zhang was amazing... His pride in China and willingness to share his knowledge and experience added greatly to our enjoyment of the trip."

Ruth Thompson, Health Visitor

"A wonderful opportunity to understand China through visits and contact with other health professionals – gave such an insight into the country and its health service. Zhang was an exceptional guide; I learnt so much about China with his inspiring tales of his country and his life. He was incredibly organised and efficient and sensitive to all our needs and questions."

Carole Stephenson, Retired Nurse – Nursing tour to China

"The visit to Dr Krai and the Siem Reap Children's Hospital were excellent."

John Rees, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

"The tour leader was excellent, cool, professional and patient."

R. Rees, Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

"This trip was absolutely brilliant and variety occurred throughout the holiday. There is no other holiday company that lives up to this. It is like a good bottle of wine that gets better with each holiday."

Gill North - Journey Along the Mekong

"The professional visits were excellent. Very worthwhile. I enjoyed the variety of hotels, modes of transport and the River Mekong trip was superb."

Amy Hill - Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

"All the visits were outstanding. Altogether a great holiday."

Ingrid Blatz - Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

"Zhang (the local guide) was an excellent guide. His knowledge of China and of English culture was exampling. His sense of humour entertained us. A most excellent trip."

Peter Neil and Liz Fellows, Retired Dentist – Dental Practice in China

"Although I am not a dentist I took part in the dental visits and enjoyed it very much. The visits were well thought out, time for questioning. I very much enjoyed the acupuncture visit and was able to ask some questions."

Krystyna Czapla, Doctor – Dental Practice in China

"The professional visits really showed you a totally different style of midwifery. The right balance of cultural and professional visits. I would recommend this trip to anyone, it was worth every penny. Met some amazing people and learnt so much."

Amy Larcombe, Midwife – Midwifery in China

"Fascinating to see the wonderful sights and to be so well informed by excellent guides."

Marilyn Mountclare - The Silk Road

"An action-packed programme with excellent guides. The Istanbul extension was excellent – the guide was knowledgeable and very helpful – the hotel was lovely and the food delicious."

Lenneke Janssens - The Silk Road

"The comfort & enjoyment of the holiday was due entirely to the well organised trip, which resulted in safe, stress free and stimulating experience. An immense thank you for Harry’s hard work, knowledge and up-grade."

Wendy Farrer - Tibet, Shangri La and Yunnan

"Trip was particularly interesting as most visits to China never experience the contacts and awareness of the ethnic minorities. Including Tibet was an added bonus. The Totala Palace is unique in the world and should not be missed. I would thoroughly recommend this tour. I had been to China ten times before this visit, but this was so special."

Chris Farrer - Tibet, Shangri La and Yunnan

"The itinerary was extremely well planned, the hotels were comfortable and very well located, the food was fantastic and all travel arrangements worked like clockwork. We enjoyed meeting the local guides who were enthusiastic and very well informed – they were a credit to their country. We would recommend this trip unreservedly to any professional colleagues. Medicine in China is at a turning point and we were privileged to be able to experience this first hand."

David and Lindsey Shuttleworth, Doctor and Practice manager – Medicine in China

"It was a fascinating trip, full of contrasts from the beautiful orange coloured land, the lush green of the rice fields and the bright colours of the chameleons... It was an amazing trip of a lifetime and we were able to help in a small way with our small gifts of medical supplies to clinics."

Lorna Murray, Retired Education Officer – Madagascar

"The tour of Mental Health in China was a fabulous experience and one I will cherish. The organisation prior to the trip and once in China was superb."

Susan Heffernan, Forensic Social Worker – Mental Health in China

"Very interesting professional visits especially to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) units, the pharmacy in Beijing and the Chinese Medicine market in Xian."

Don Montgomery, Psychiatrist – Medicine in China